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Reviews of Sculptureum


Sculptureum is currently ranked 2nd in the "Top Attractions in the South Pacific" on TripAdvisor. 


I arrived expecting a lacklustre collection of haphazardly curated vanity pieces. How wrong I was. It took a full-time barrister, Anthony Grant, seven years to transform 10 hectares of farmland near Matakana, 70 kilometres north of Auckland, into this startlingly original experience.

Rob McFarland - Sydney Morning Herald - Sept 2021

The Sculptureum is marvellous with superb exhibits both inside and out. The landscaping works in so well with the exhibits and the poetry and 'sayings' written out added a sense of serenity to the whole place. The gentleman on reception was warm, friendly and informative. We had a wonderful time visiting and thank you for all the help you provided prior to our visit.

Graeme Dykes Hibiscus Coast Friendship Club

This was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Most galleries are just more of the same but this was a fascinating surprise around every corner. We were there for 3 hours and time whizzed by because it was so captivating.

Sculptureum Visitor

Sculptureum is simply one of the most original and enriching experiences I’ve ever encountered anywhere. There is so much to stimulate and absorb the imagination and the senses… My wife and I are going to invest in the $99 annual pass so that we can return as often as we can throughout the year and bring family and friends along.

TripAdvisor Reviewer

I love visiting art galleries and sculpture gardens. The Sculptureum is now officially the best art collection I have seen in New Zealand…. If you only have time to see one art gallery or sculpture garden in NZ – make it this one. You won’t be disappointed.

TripAdvisor Reviewer

Having visited art galleries, exquisite gardens and sculpture walks all around the world, I was very pleased and proud to have this attraction right here in New Zealand. Sculptureum is an exquisite mix of all three executed beautifully to a world class standard while honouring the uniqueness of New Zealand.

TripAdvisor Reviewer

Just occasionally someone does something different with something we all know and makes a new standard. This is one such occasion. We have been to museums, galleries etc all in a lot of different countries but Sculptureum has really raised the bar…..It’s a must-do experience and would be one of the best attractions our country has.

TripAdvisor Reviewer

I was a member of a group who visited this wonderful place. We spent several pleasurable hours looking, reflecting and being inspired. Each of us, a well travelled group, found this experience world class. Last night it continued to mesmerise us, initially we each tried to select our favourite exhibit but found that impossible so we got each of us to select three and share why they were favourites. Not one of us chose the same as anyone else ... this truly captures how provocative and contemplative this gallery is. A must for all to see and experience.

TripAdvisor Reviewer

I have travelled the world and seen lots of art. I would rate this place as probably the best I have seen. There are a host of sculptures, which are imaginative, beautifully crafted, colourful & fascinating – honestly, I would struggle to find one I didn’t like or at which I could go ‘Ho-Hum’!

TripAdvisor Reviewer