Takeaway Process

Please note our take-out operation procedures below:


Phone and Email orders 09 955 7127 or

Please provide your name and phone number (for contact tracing), car registration (so we can identify you) and credit card details for payment. 
Wine orders require us to check R18 identification.

Pick up Process Night

Enter through front gates, follow driveway around and pull over to the left across from the front of restaurant (by the bridge) remain in your warm car.
We will come out and check rego against orders and identification if required.
When your order is ready, we will bring it to your car. You can then head home and enjoy your meal.

Pick up Process Day

Enter through front gates, follow driveway around to the carpark and park near entrance.
Call restaurant phone number 09 955 7127 and let us know that you are here.  If we do not answer or if your phone doesn’t work (can be bad reception) let our ticketing team know that you are here to pick up takeaway and your car registration number, then head back to your car and wait.
When your order is ready we will bring it out to you.

Please note that due to level 2 restrictions we are not able to have people standing around and waiting within the venue for takeaway.


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